fredag den 22. maj 2009

We have got an Award!

I have got this awesome award from Cool Design Shelties

The rules state that we had to list 7 things we love and then pass it on to seven other blogs we love, so here goes:

Its 7 things Woogi loves:

1. Food
2. Going for a walk.
3. Dog biscuit.
4. Playing together with Aya.
5. Playing with Zippo, when we meet him.
6. Playing with Pia.
7. Lying in the bed.

7 blogs I like and want to pass this award on to:

1 Christina, Berta og Breezy
2. Ann-Jeanita og Crazy
3. Marianne og Zippo
4. Gittes træningsblog
5. Berit Bilde
6. Marina og Citizen
7. Sanne og Coco

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